DIY Christmas: door swag

Posted on December 11, 2012
Posted in DIY, holiday
By Rose Bredl
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This super easy DIY swag came together in (literally) just minutes with the leftover greenery I bought at Rose Bredl for our mantel. It gave our doorway such a happy holiday spirit I thought I would share with you all how to make one for yourself.

You need:

  • different wintertime greenery such as: pine, boxwood, evergreen, blue spruce, eucalyptus, or cypress.  
  • a berry or second kind of greenery as an accent, like: privet berries, eucalyptus, rosehip, or pepper berry
  • a monogram ornament. I used this one, but these are some other good options: 1. 2. 3. 4 & 5
  • twine or a sturdy rubber band
  • ribbon or twine to tie the look together. 
Get Started:
  • cut your greenery to the desired length
  • add accent berries/greenery and arrange until they’re just to your liking
  • secure with floral tape, heavy duty twine, or a heavy duty rubber band 
  • add ornament (be sure to secure it to the greenery itself and then again with your twine/rubberband for an extra strong hold)
  • tie up with ribbon (I like Midori ribbon which you can buy at RB and is double sided satin), or use twine for a more rustic look.
  • hang where you like and ENJOY!