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Posted on September 12, 2012
Posted in essentials
By Rose Bredl
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I don’t have much to say about myself except that I’m a very busy girl (renovating a house, working full time and part time and you know, expecting a baby… whew!) That being said, the essentials in my life boil down to the items that save me time, soothe my soul, and just bring me a little bit of happiness throughout the week.
1. The actual number one here is my husband, just putting it out there.
1. My favorite necklace from Ladybird. I love hearts, and this one is tiny and everyday-wearable.
2.  My iPhone and Kate Spade case. I like how chunky it makes my phone feel, and the gold is a nice touch.
3. Domino Magazine. Really I just love magazines in general for light reading and tons of inspiration, but this is my all time favorite. I wish I didn’t have to just settle for special editions…
4. Minnetonka driving mocs. My feet are swollen and hurt all the time right now (pregnancy delight!), these are a dream.
5. A good leopard scarf like this one. Anyone who knows me can testify I rely on this wardrobe staple a lot- but I feel like its an instant chic maker.
6. Pilot g2 gel pens are the best! I will only write with these.
7. Barr Co hand soap from Rose Bredl. I actually look forward to washing my hands, this stuff smells so clean and pretty and sophisticated.
8. I saw this picture on pinterest and had to re-create. Essie’s ‘poor li’l rich girl’ does the trick.