Thanksgiving centerpieces, 2012!

Posted on November 20, 2012
Posted in Events, flowers
By Rose Bredl
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wild and pretty by our friend travis 
stunning thrill, fill, spill by the talented Lily Glass
the girls hard at work
original Lowdermilk sister creations
Adam and Jocelyn: a perfect pairing
my own creation (I finally bought the Eigan arts vase I’ve been dying for)
Erin and Matt and their amazing centerpiece
Our favorite artists, Estelle and Terry with their organic and beautiful centerpiece

 Oh the fun we had last night at our Thanksgiving centerpiece event! Everyone made such beautiful and different arrangements. We love seeing everyone get creative with the materials we had and how different everyone’s finished products looked. Also it was so much fun to see the couples of the group collaborating (and compromising) on their joint arrangements. One of the best events by far… and we are so thankful.