Rose Petal Shower

Posted on May 25, 2011
Posted in flowers, friends of RB, oh delicious, wedding
By Rose Bredl
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It’s almost June, and the height of wedding season is upon us- but brides aren’t the only ones with parties to throw! Many of you have, are or will be hosting a shower soon. Why not make it a rosy affair? We put together some floral inspirations for your next party, be it a wedding shower or not! 1. Cheerup Cherup “shower the bride” shower invitations, we love Alaina and know you will love her gorgeous paper designs, too! 2. Garden roses (get them at Rose Bredl) 3. A delicious pink confection topped with red poppies (via Martha Stewart) 4. Apothecary’s Cardamom Rose cocktail (umm YUM!), find the recipe here.
And a special thanks to Charice over at Cinnamon Ruffles for the garden rose photo