Posted on May 6, 2011
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By Rose Bredl
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There is no one like mom. She’s gorgeous, smart, loving, caring, giving, perfectly imperfect, and downright crazy for putting up with us. There are so many fun things happening at Rose Bredl this coming week; weddings, a gallery hop, the Women’s Fund event and more. But the thing we’re trying to remember is who put us here in the first place, the person who always supports us: mom.
Some good ways to do that:
give her gorgeous pink garden roses.
or one of many amazing photo gifts from pinhole press
OR, go all out and send in a photo of your stylin’ mom to “My Mom: Style Icon” (be sure to peruse for a retro good time)
PS- Mary’s mom (on the left) as a young girl. Isn’t she beautiful? I love that she and Mary share the same smile (it IS a gorgeous smile). My mom is on the right- I wish I could have ever rocked pigtails and looked as cute as she does.