Everyday Essentials: Caroline Taglione

Posted on April 11, 2015
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By Mary Ernst
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Hi there!
I’m Caroline, and I’m rose bredl’s social media coordinator and design intern. I get the unique (and seriously fun) experience in running our store’s blog and instagram, as well as working with Mary on a daily basis. It is an absolute dream. I can’t wait to share the journey with you all, but first, we want to introduce to you our gang & just a little bit about them. We are reviving our “everyday essentials” series so you can get to know our favorite people and what they can’t live without.

1. Rifle Paper Company’s Botanical Journal Collection: this is a must! I love these journals and they are easy to fit in your bag to bring to work or keep at home. I love that they are lined, and the covers are so gorgeous & spring friendly.

2. Boyfriend Jeans (distressed…really distressed): jeans you can wear in the garden, to lunch, on a girls night out & everywhere in between. you seriously cannot go wrong with a nice pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. mine are from abercrombie, and they were only $39!

3. Diet Coke: an addiction i can’t break. i’m working on it.

4. Ray Ban’s Erika: this style is so fun and kinda different from the original styles i usually go for. They go with every occasion, every season and I don’t leave the house without them.

5. Vans Slip on’s: even though I can never keep them clean, a white pair of vans go with just about any jean-sweater combination. It doesn’t help that they’re crazy comfortable, too.

6. EOS chapstick: or chap-ball? I’m not sure. All i know is that these things last forever and they. are. the. best. EOS has a whole line of moisturizers, including lotion and shaving creme as well- and they are all must haves for a dry Ohio winter. (the whole collection is at Target!)

7. Netflix: great for movie nights, sunday afternoons or binge watching your favorite TV series. (This is my favorite form of procrastination.)

happy weekend // rb