Dana Brandwein Oates: everyday essentials

Posted on September 25, 2012
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By Rose Bredl
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If you follow our blog or shop in our store, you know our great love of talented (and beautiful!) artisan Dana Brandwein Oates, one half of the pair that make up DBO Home.  Dana and her husband Daniel hand make beautiful wooden pieces, ceramics, and textiles right here in the USA, and are committed to using and reusing sustainable materials as much as possible, which make the impossibly cool couple even cooler.

Dana’s essentials are fun reflection of her earthy style and her desire to make even the small things in life a bit more luxurious for everyone.

I have two big dogs with big appetites  – these are small all natural cookies made with healthy ingredients by a small American company…and my dogs love them.  

It smells like coconut so it reminds of the beach…and you haven’t felt dry hands until you work with clay all day.  This is good stuff.

The best concealer, and I’ve tried them all, to cover dark circles that are embellished with freckles.  I feel naked without it.

I love this stuff!  A good quality olive oil with a fresh hit of lemon.  I use it everyday in my salad and it’s terrific added to sauteed greens.

I have three pairs of these incredibly comfortable and stylin sandals…I wear them everyday until it’s just too cold and then I have to switch to anything with shearling in it.  I don’t like socks.

I got this guitar when I was 15.  I played it everyday of my life until I moved into an apartment in NYC with very thin walls and apparently bothered a neighbor.  I no longer play it everyday, but knowing it’s here for me to play is essential for me.
I love this thing…I use it for work, but mostly I enjoy being able to read a book, play words with friends and check facebook all from my bed in the evening.
Not sure the style name for these guys.  But I bought them while working for a record label to go to an event 13 years ago..I still have them and I have not needed another pair of sunglasses since. PS they guy who sold them to me told me I looked “fierce” in them and I succumbed.
Dana and husband Daniel- Dbo Home

(not pictured)
I don’t get much radio reception in the studio, but I do get NPR and I have grown a strong attachment to Terry Gross and her show “Fresh Air” along with the news as told by Lakshmi Singh