Creative Spaces: Cinnamon Ruffles

Posted on July 6, 2011
Posted in creative spaces
By Rose Bredl
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My friend Charice of Cinnamon Ruffles is one of the most creative people I know. Everything she touches becomes interesting and beautiful. Her “creative space” is a collage of things that inspire her. 🙂
1. art books (stacks of books, collages and great drawings)
2. music ( green trunk with random cds – i like some of the quirky offerings from perceval press)
3. vinyl – America’s album is one of my favorites
4. catalogs – Free People is one that uses collages and animals in their photos that i started saving a few years ago. and of course Anthropologie
5. This “Royall Bay Rhum” bottle my friend Katie recently sent me. Found in an antique store, it has a small silver cap in the shape of a crown.
Here is a tiny example of the beautiful things Charice can make- a birthday card she crafted for a mutual friend of ours. Isn’t it amazing??