Nicole Parente: essentials for the girl on the go

Posted on August 23, 2012
Posted in essentials
By Rose Bredl
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You may remember when we introduced Nicole back when she was just a nugget intern. Now she is a vital part of our team and we love her fresh but classic approach to life and style. Since she’s still a student, Nicole is often on the run, going from class to Rose Bredl to class to her serving job and back again. Her daily essentials reflect the kind of goods it takes to live a life on the go with style and ease.
1. My purple Nalgene- it is 1.indestructible 2.Lets me carry 32 oz of water wherever I may go whether it be class, work, or camping 3. Is covered in stickers
2. Moleskin Pocket Journal- for all of the reminders, quotes, and inspiring things that go on daily. 
3. Superga sneakers in Sherwood Forest. Because they are comfy and look good with anything in my opinion. 
4. Oryx and Crake, or any book by Maragert Atwood. She is amazing and I read with her if I get some spare in-between time.
5&6. Woodford Reserve bourbon, and ginger ale. -self explanatory
7. Medina French Market Basket- I tend to pack for the whole day in the morning, and it fits everything inside with ease. *
8. Bar Co. Bar Soap bag– although it is primarily for packaging I use it to carry my pill box and chapstick*
9. Maria Tash earring.- I wear this piece of jewelry every day, because I often forget to take it out, and I love Maria Tash’s Indian inspired jewels. 

*from Rose Bredl