every day essentials: Becca Thompson Apfelstadt’s 9 to5

Posted on March 20, 2013
Posted in essentials
By Rose Bredl
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We were so fortunate to meet Becca when she hired us to do her wedding. Not only was she the kind of gracious, beautiful, friendly bride that every vendor dreams of working with, she’s smart and capable and just an impressive woman all around. As co-founder of tree tree branding agency, Becca shared with us some of her every day essentials for the work day.
  A few things I can’t live without at the office:
1. Lipgloss. I love Sephora’s Glossy Gloss
2. My French Bulldog, Madeline Claire. She’s part pig and part dog and has all of my heart. She comes to the office every day.
3. Sharpie Pens. I like using bright colors that people might not expect me to bring to a meeting. My current favorite is hot pink.
4. My Skully leather notebook. I’ve had the cover for about 10 years and keep buying refills. I archive them and always have my client meeting notes handy if I need to reference something from the past. It’s better than a journal.
5. My jar of marbles from my grandmother’s house. When she died I wanted two things to remember her by: the old tin of marbles in from the dining room closet and her worn-out deck of cards from playing Solitaire daily. I like the reminder to keep work fun and playful.
6. Siri on my iPhone. I often find that some of the best ideas come from out of nowhere when I am driving in my car. Since I can’t always get to a piece of paper to write down my latest breakthrough, I use Siri to dictate notes so I don’t lose the thought completely.
7. Dollar bill origami. It’s handmade by my husband, circa our first date and adorns my desk. When little ones come to visit my office, they enjoy interacting with the elephant and whale, in particular!
8. Marc Jacobs wallet. It seems I am always ordering things online for my business and I absolutely love the structure and feel of the wallet I have to access my credit cards.
9. Business magazines. I love the tactile feeling of magazines. I have an iPad and have tried the online subscriptions, but there’s not quite like holding  latest copy of Harvard Business Review or Fast Company in my hot little hands.
thank you Jessica Abbey Photography for your great pictures of Becca and her adorable doggie!